Grant, with your writings recently about Qatar, do you have any concern with returning there for the WC in Nov? You've been making some strong statements about the country and I'm wondering if that makes you feel like you might be on their radar if you return?

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Grant, I have to go back to what Chris said on a recent pod - what’s the difference between what Russia has done and what the US did in Iraq? Both were invasions of an independent, sovereign country based on bullshit “evidence” and outright lies.

I have no more faith in FIFA than you do. They got their World Cup out of Russia and the Russian money pool is fast drying up. Qatari, Saudi, and (especially) American money they still want. As ALWAYS with FIFA, follow the money.

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The UK government imposed the sanctioned. The EPL is just complying. There's no real action, just reaction. The level of morality in football, and particularly in the EPL is exactly zero. Any pretense of care about world affairs is lip service. It requires no sacrifice, it's easy - let's make a sad emoji face.

The Saudis have been doing to Yemen what Russia is doing in Ukraine for almost a decade now, albeit to browner, less photogenic people, whose leaders don't speak English.

The Saudis also chop up American journalists on foreign soil.

Saudi Arabia just held its largest mass execution.

Saudi Arabia was also recently cleared to own Newcastle United.

The Brits don't care. Why would they care?

The steps against Chelsea are too little and too late. We allowed evil people representing and acting on behalf of totalitarian regimes to participate in football at its highest level. We suddenly pretend to care about poor Ukraine. Even when we care, there's zero sacrifice. Just words and waving flags of a country that 3 months ago many didn't know existed.

Not many countries messed up the world more than the Brits. Their interbreeding monarchs continue to claim some ceremonious sovereignty in six continents. They occupied countries around the globe well into the the second half of the 20th century. Should we ban Brits from owning EPL clubs? Can we? Can the UK levy sanctions on those evil Brits?

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One good thing about the invasion of Ukraine is increased awareness of the war on Yemen. Thanks for helping highlight that here.

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