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Mar 4, 2022Liked by Grant Wahl

As always, I just love your writing both in its form and style as well as in its substance. That QATARI story is truly scary and very worrisome on so many levels. Like you, I am all in favor of proper authorities taking measures to ensure public safety and health in a plague-infested era like ours. But this had nothing to do with health management. As to the Marsh and Leeds story: The fact that an accent can rob people of their legitimacy and expertise is truly scary to me. The bane of an American accent in English Association Football is a narrow-minded discrimination that needs a lengthier engagement than I will provide here. It's related cousin is American viewers' departure from a telecast where the journalists speak with an American accent and seeking out a Spanish channel which -- ipso facto -- they find as authentic and authoritative. By this logic, a treasure like GRANT WAHL should have no legitimacy in this world of narro-minded prejudice since last I heard Grant speak was very much with an American accent. And man does Grant know his Association Football!

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